The FDA may examine your registered facility for various reasons, including a normal examination, a survey, or in response to a reported concern. An FDA investigator will check into the quality of the product and the manufacturing process and review specific documents and collect samples. The investigator will discuss any significant findings and concerns with your firm’s management after the FDA inspection and will leave a written report with your management of any conditions or practices that, in the investigator’s opinion, indicate objectionable conditions or practices.
Because the FDA representative will not generally propose particular corrective actions, your firm’s management can utilise this “Inspectional Observations” list, also known as an FDA Form 483, as a reference for corrective action.
The FDA Form 483 is not the conclusion by the agency that a situation violates the FD&C Act or any of its regulations. The FDA Form 483, an Establishment Inspection Report, all proof or paperwork gathered on-site, and any answers made by the firm are all taken into account. The Agency examines all of this information before deciding what additional action is necessary to safeguard public health.

FDA Inspection Guides


  • A re-statement of the investigator’s findings (from your perspective) demonstrates that you are aware of the problem.

  • The potential cause of the observation and what you’ve done to guarantee that the observed condition won’t have an impact on final product specifications

  • How and when you’ll respond to the observation.


We provide services from all of our offices.  We are ready to act at short notice.
Check our fees and timelines.

Facility Pre-Inspection or Pre Audit GAP analysis covering the Infracturer and documentation. The minimum number of consulting days expected is two, with the number of days increasing dependent on the complexity of the process, the number of products, and the number of functional units on the shop floor.

Two-day service fees start at $7000 + Travelling, lodging, DA and local convenience.

The FDA advises responding to an FDA 483 observation within 15 days. Still, you are strongly advised to reply within 10 days to provide the inspector with enough time to complete the inspection report. In addition, a timely response prepared by I3CGLOBAL specialists increases your chances of being heard by the FDA’s officer in charge and senior officials.

We may need 7-10 days to prepare a response. Service fees start from $10000.

For the observation to be closed and trade to continue in the United States market, proper, timely response and further notification are required.

A CAPA form must be filled out for each FDA 483 inspection observation as quickly as feasible. A Warning Letter can be sent if there is no response, a late answer, or a bad response. The specialists at I3CGlobal will assist you throughout the procedure.
The average fee for closing a CAPA is $ 5000
The expected timeline required to close and NC/ Observation is 15-20 working days.


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